Previsioni ilMeteo

December 9th, 2012

The module allows you to display weather ilMeteo all the different types of weather forecasts provided by the portal
The module with the parameters used to select the type of forecast for Italy, a region, a city or flash in the display that includes forecasts for Italy / Europe / World / Seas and wind.
For each view of estimates there are other parameters that are provided for attaching forecasts of various types, for example for the type ‘location’ may choose various views like weather daily, every three hours, with animated icons, etc. …
And you can change the look and feel of the display such as the font, the font size, the colors of the various elements etc. ..
Some parameters are related only to some views, while in others, even if modified will not produce any effect, for example, the colors and font styles can be changed for a single location, but not in the views for Italy or region.
Configuring multiple instances of the module configurations and you can have different views but also different locations to display on your site weather forecasts for various cities and in several ways.

The main features are:
Viewing forecast for Italy, regions, localities, flash
Configuration type of weather, daily weather, animated weather daily, weather bands, the situation in real time, triorario weather, wind & sea
Various types of icons
Weather in 5 languages, Italian, English, French, German, Spanish
Choice of font type and font size
Color choices for background, text, background title, text, title, background elements, color link