Priceleaf pro

March 4th, 2013

Component of the online calculator to calculate the cost of goods or services. Ideal to calculate how much will cost certain services firm, to look them up and make an order, if necessary by sending a request. Thus, users themselves choose what they want, can read the description of services. Simple structure, clues in the administrative part, easy navigation on the component, all for the convenience of the price list.

With this component you will create the best online calculator!

The component has the following features

1. Unlimited sections, departments, categories and menus.
2. Full administrative part with sorting and filter.
3. Each product has its own way of counting, checkbox, text box, radio button.
4. Send order to mail to the administrator and the customer order record to the database.
5. Imports of goods via csv, with the ability to re-record prices.
6. Own CAPTCHA spam.
7. Automatic output count of selected items.
8. How to display the category name in expanded form or hidden
9. Additional field to describe the topic.
10. Opportunity to give a discount when you order a certain amount.
11. Hide your order.
12. Show the final cost to the user only after the shipment.
13. View the status of your order by registered users.
14. The ability to remove the user’s order.
15. Notify an administrator to delete the user’s order.
16. Displaying the number of goods in the warehouse with decreasing product ordering and product return for the remote user.

The component is available in English!