Priceleaf shop

May 22nd, 2013

Priceleaf shopIf you want to create on your site simple and not burdened with setting an online store, the component Priceleaf Shop you will definitely fit. A simple and clear structure of the component, a simple pattern, a minimum of graphics, lots of tooltips in the control panel if you will that you do not understand the import of goods in the csv, slide images for products. There is a module of its own basket and a page for your order with the ability to edit and change orders. Manual on the use of component and user support.
The minimum time for installation and configuration, to the same trial data are available when you install a component to facilitate the work. The component is not inferior to other extensions functionality and is free of charge.

This component of the online store on a joomla function:

1. Displays a list of partitions. On the home page, you can easily reset switch between sections.
2. Each section is assigned only to him category.
3. Each category has a list of items that belong to her.
4. List the items in the category made with page navigation.
5. Photos of the category size can be changed at will.
6. Photo size products also has the ability to change the size.
7. Brief description of the goods, it can be done at will, or a 0 or any other number of characters for example 250
8. Currency is indicated for all products but one.
9. Each item can be assigned article.
10. Each category and product have the ability to download images.
11. Import of data from csv, only to goods, the goods can not only import but also change.
12. In the admin panel added to the search filter filter and filter publications by category.
13. There is a module display the current basket.
If you order products, a simple order form, it comes to the e-mail specified in the component settings. The same user can send a copy of the letter to your e-mail.
14. When you make a product, a product that is not useful can be deleted by the user from the basket.
15. Added the ability to count the number of items and the change in the clearance of goods.
16. Added slider images.
17. Adding the old price.
18. Adding color selection of goods.
19. If the cart is empty then the order is sent.
18. Empty recycle bin on a successful order.
19. Product rating. It is possible to enable or disable rating in the store.
20. Desired function, how to output the category block or string. The block is output as a string of blocks into rows. In the demo you can see an example.
21. The ability to save the order to the database.
22. Access clearance for all users or registered.
23. Terms of the store.
24. Module categories.
25. Description tab, now product description can be divided into parts.
26. New product. You can set how many days to be considered a new product and, within the date of publication of the goods item.
27. Module random goods.
28. The watermark on the images.
29. Registered users can delete the selected orders.
30. Search.