JSE Event

December 17th, 2013

JSE EventJSE Event is a powerful component specialized for creating, promoting, organizing and booking events via online methods. With this tool in your hand, making a professional, multi-functional & flexible event site is absolutely possible & easy.
User-friendly backend: Back-end is rebuilt to be more convenient for site admin to control event’s information. All options are re-arranged systematically and easy to access. Also, admin are given more rights so they can freely configure event’s default fields as they wish – JSE Event is now totally flexible for your usage.
– Advanced event’s features: JSE Event is a feature-rich Joomla component with many essential functions for an event site (Please check detail feature list below). In the latest version, JSE Event is empowered with:
– Optimized registration process: one-step registration.
– Early bird pricing: allows users to purchase event’s ticket beforehand with discount.
– Waiting list: allows admin to create a queuing list for event if the event is full

Visit JSE Event Demo for your own experience.
Other noticeable features of JSE Event
Nice and professional frontend design with:
– 2 distinct layouts for event listing:
Default – View the event list with each event in a line
Table – View all events in table form
– Special event calendar view: show events in a beautiful calendar.
– Showing events by user’s location.
Feature-rich event component:
– Support single event and recurring event.
– Provide Google Map with driving direction.
– Support Free event and Paid event.
– Social Network Sharing function.
– Community Builder and JomSocial for user’s integration.
Flexible Event management:
– Allow discountexible in backend configuration.
– Support submitting/editing event from frontend
– Allow event’s owner to manage events and withdraw money from selling event’s ticket.
– Notification email when user cancels a booking from frontend
– Generate Barcode for registered user
– Newsletter listing support (using Plugin JS JNew and JS Acymailing)
– Support Multiple languages
– Integrate Google ReCaptcha for submit events & join event forms for security.
– Capable of export registration information to CSV.
– Batch process events.
Variable pricing for event:
– Support multiple prices per event. You can set up ticket price for adult/children or male/female.
– Support creating additional packages for ticket. I.e: You can setup ticket with food & drink packages, book packages, etc.
– Support coupon code for ticket discount.
– JSE Event is designed in the form of multiple templates, so it is not difficult to change the interface if you have some knowledge about HTML and CSS.