Product Configurator for VirtueMart

June 11th, 2013

Product Configurator for VirtueMart adds “Configure” button next to “Add to cart” button. This button opens light box with options you define.

At Configurator’s lightbox is displayed:

– Main products which can be configured. These products are selected from the plugin configuration.
– Custom fields of the product.
– Related products of the product and theirs custom fields. This is great feature when the main product consists of spare parts which are also products.
– Predefined variants. You can preset variants like “Standard” and “Luxus” which will predefine which custom fields and which related products will be selected.
– Price of selected items. Price changes along with changes during product configuration.
Add to cart button. When pressed the Add to cart button from configurator, all custom fields, related products and theirs custom fields are inserted to the cart at once.