Product Delivery date and time for Virtuemart

June 19th, 2013

For any Virtuemart shop owners want to set up a delivery date (day/month/year) and delivery time/location for your products ( food, flowers, bakery, gift…) then this plugin is for you.

This is a Joomla plugin, but work exclusively for Virtuemart. After install the plugin like normal Joomla extension, activate the plugin and now your shopper can chose a delivery date and delivery time/location by drop down list during the check out process.

How it works:

– Shopper select delivery date by a calendar window at check out page.

– Shopper select delivery location by a list of time/ location ( can be changed on your need).

– Shoper does not have to log-in, still can chose the delivery date + delivery location/time

– Admin can see the Required Delivery date in the order.

– Delivery date can be displayed in the order confirmation email

– The plugin store delivery date time inside Virtuemart order database.

With this plugin, you do not have to change or edit Virtuemart code, you can update Virtuemart anytime you want. This plugin is compatiple with Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.x.x

We also welcome to receive your request to develop more functions from this plugin or customization for your site, please send email to

Read our blog for this:

Demo: Please visit our demo site at and try to add any product, go to check out page and you will see the Delivery Date and Delivery location at the end.