Profile URL

November 14th, 2013

Profile URLProfileURL allows your Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial or JomWall users to customize their profile and group links, exactly like how it’s done on Facebook. It is also integrated with ParaInvite’s Namecard links.

Want to let your users have profile/group URLs like With ProfileURL it’s a breeze!
Admins can choose to automatically set up the profile URL everytime a user registers, or make it a manual process (like Facebook). You can also choose to allow multiple updates or just once.

ProfileURL will auto suggest profile URLs for users based on their usernames, first names and last names. It will also list all the groups owned by the user so he can set up the group URLs. The extension will check if the URL conflicts with other names, like menu item aliases, other users’ usernames etc. What’s more, ProfileURL will work even if Joomla’s SEF is disabled, and for websites that support multiple languages!

For groups, ProfileURL works with JomSocial groups, JomWall groups, and GroupJive for Community Builder. Plugins for each social extension are provided to display the user’s URL and for them to change it (if enabled).

Check the demo to see how it works!