November 12th, 2013

ProfilerProfiler is an advanced Membership System. You can use this component for online member management with different administrators. Your website changes so directly in a community for your members.

– Easy installation
– Use of Joomla Update Management

User profile
– Organize your fields in different categories.
– Make your own custom user fields
– Extensive user group management suitable for nested groups (divisions)
– Possiblity to add non Joomla users
– Import and synchronize with csv

Extended ACL (Access Control)
– Use Joomla ACL
– User Profiles with different user fields
– Access Control for profiles, fieldcategories and fields
– Frontend user management

– Use Joomla Plugin System
– Use Joomla Bootstrap (frontend and backend)
– According Joomla Standards (Framework and MVC model)
– Support only MySQL
– Suitable for template override (with the possibility to insert module positions)
– Install Profiler Fields as independent component (com_pffields) – (similar to the categories)
– Install System Plugin and disable default component (frontend and backend)