Proforms App Logs

July 26th, 2011

Proforms App Logs★ ADDITIONAL APP: Logs per form

You can log form visits by this app into a log file. You can choose between simple and extended logging.

If you select extended logging, this app will also log submitted values, some mail informations and will mark all necessary processing stations. The extended logging is for debugging if you have server problems which don’t show any error messages. Hereby you can see where the process interrupts.

Supported languages: English and German.
Translations into your native language can easily be created.
The language ini files are embedded inside the app folder and are similar to Joomla’s native language files.

Please note that Proforms Apps are installed
via the very own app manager of Proforms.
They can not be installed via the installation manager of Joomla.

Apps can be downloaded via the helpdesk of Proforms within the service time!
Standard Apps can only be downloaded from users of the 180 or 365 days service package.
Additional Apps can only be downloaded from users of the 365 days service package.