Proforms App PHP

July 4th, 2011


This App allows you to run a custom PHP script to perform. The PHP code can be entered easily via the code editor of the App interface.

The script can be scheduled on one of four positions at the form processing:
● During the initialization of Proforms (Before building the form)
● At the end of the general form structure
● If the form is submitted successfully and contains no errors
● During the rendering of the `after sending` text

Please note that Proforms Apps are installed
via the very own app manager of Proforms.
They can not be installed via the installation manager of Joomla.

Apps can be downloaded via the helpdesk of Proforms within the service time!
Standard Apps can only be downloaded from users of the 180 or 365 days service package.
Additional Apps can only be downloaded from users of the 365 days service package.