Proforms Destination App

November 10th, 2011

Proforms Destination App★ Users can select a recipient for the submission mail by a field.

ADDITIONAL APP for Proforms!

By this app, users can assign the recipient of the main email by a single choice selection field.

E.g if you have created a drop down field with:
– Management
– Human Resources
– Account Department
– IT Department

You can apply one or more email address(es) to each option and route the admin email to one of the departments.

The maximum option count is constraint to 20 but can expanded by altering the manifest file and the code.

Supported languages: English and German.
Translations into your native language can easily be created.
The language ini files are embedded inside the app folder and are similar to Joomla’s native language files.

You need the form component Proforms to use this add-on:

Please note that Proforms Apps are installed
via the very own app manager of Proforms.
They can not be installed via the installation manager of Joomla.

Apps can be downloaded via the helpdesk of Proforms within the service time!
Standard Apps can only be downloaded from users of the 180 or 365 days service package.
Additional Apps can only be downloaded from users of the 365 days service package.