pure css tooltip

March 29th, 2013

pure css tooltipPlugin to make pure css tooltips in any editor.

syntax in editor:

{tooltip}link{end-link}tooltip text{end-tooltip}

tooltip where tooltip-link is also a hyperlink:
{tooltip href=”” target=”_blank”}joomla{end-link}Joomla is good{end-tooltip}

tooltip with different style:
{tooltip class=”tooltip_blue”}blue{end-link}blue tooltip box{end-tooltip}

dropdown so you can put hyperlinks in the tooltip, so it becomes a dropdown menu:
{tooltip class=”pure_css_dropdown”}dropdown menu{end-link}content with links etc.{end-tooltip}

You can edit the css in:
* Joomla 1.6: /plugins/content/purecsstooltip.css
* Joomla 1.5: /plugins/content/purecsstooltip.css
* Joomla 1.0: /mambots/content/purecsstooltip.css

Also works in Internet Explorer 6!
Except for the dropdown feature.
In Joomla 1.0 only the basic tooltip functionality works.