PW Fotolia

September 18th, 2012

PW FotoliaThis extension displays the Fotolia search engine into your Joomla website using the Fotolia partner API key.

The extension is composed by a component that will allow you to show the Fotolia images on a page and a module that will allow you to show the results in any template position (horizontal or vertical).

Both the component and the module are highly configurable (width, height, colors, background, texts, etc…) and they can be translated easily into any language.

To use it, yout will need to have a Fotolia Partner API Key.

– Your customers may search the entire Fotolia library to find images without leaving your website.
– After finding the perfect image, your customer clicks through to Fotolia to buy.
– Since Fotolia Affiliate Program is also built into this API, Fotolia automatically pay you for all revenues generated.

More information about Fotolia Partner API:

Allow your customers search and buy photos and earn money doing it!