January 3rd, 2013

mod_qlcontent displays article or category data in a module position.

E. g. you can show the fulltext image and/or url etc. in the sidebar while article itself is displayed in component.

Also lists of articles and categories can be shown. Thus it is very close to the core module of ‘latest articles’.

View possibilities:
* data of fix article(s)
* data of current article(s)
* data of fix category/-ies
* data of current category/-ies

Additional features:
* default data in case of empty data
* pagination

The following data fields are available.

article data

* title
* author
* category
* introtext
* fulltext
* readmore
* intro image
* fulltext image
* created
* modified
* published up
* url a
* url b
* url c
* hits
* print
* email
data of category:
* title
* description
* image
* note
* modified
* created
* username