November 16th, 2013

qldebugmod_qldebug is especially for devs working on a website trying to fix it.

Sometimes there is no ftp access, so it is hard to see, what objects are used, what is written in them, if post or session data are existing.

That is when mod_qldebug helps by offering to display following data:

* $_POST
* $_GET
* JInput object
* JUser object
* JApplication object
* info concerning a defined table (columns, data)

You can choose, if you want to show the data always, only to a user logged in or only to a Super User or not at all.

The data is displayed in an absolutely positioned div container; but you can change that position via css command within the module params

mod_qldebug 1.0
14.11.2013, en-GB, de-DE


You need/want more options? Just contact me, I’m glad for any new ideas concerning this module:-)