January 19th, 2013

qlformThe form generator mod_qlforms is based on the Joomla! xml form generation. Any parameter (calendar, text, email etc.) is at your service.

You can use it as:
* contact form
* form to fill database tabel
* major survey jumping from one form to the next
* do something else in prepared class for developers

Validation both via Javascript and PHP via Joomla! Data is sent via email to a contact email address and / or is stored in database table. Also possible is cascading the forms, so that you can generate a major survey jumping from one form to the next and storing finally the data in database. There are many more features (e. g. configurable captcha and prepared class to do “something else”, means to add your own code), see yourself:-)

As knowledge about xml formatting and Joomla! form generation is needed, mod_qlform is a useful and mighty tool for developers.

All form fields see here: