QR code for Virtuemart

January 29th, 2012

QR code for VirtuemartThe QR code for Virtuemart is an add-on for Joomla virtuemart shopping cart which generates QR code for each product. The QR code can be displayed in the product page enhancing your brand image.

1.1.General Features
Incorporate QR code poster ads, in-store display, print ads, direct mail campaigns, email marketing etc.
Best marketing tool to drive sales
Provide a modern image to your brand
Enticing the mobile consumers by letting them simply scan the QR code and shop even on the go

1.2.Product Features
Option to generate the QR code for all the products
Compatible with Joomla 1.5
Displaying all the QR code with corresponding product details.
Option to view the selected product QR code with its details.
Option to print all the QR code with product details or print the individual product QR code by choosing the product from the select box.
Share the QR code to the print media for offline marketing

1.3.Admin Features
Option to switch on or off the display of QR code in front end
Displaying QR code module in front-end to the corresponding individual product page
Option to search the product from the list based on product name.
Control panel for quick look on QR code menu’s.
Option to control the layout of print page through page size and page orientation setting.
Option to choose different styles which applies on print page.