October 6th, 2013

QuestionsThis component is near to yahoo answers. Rank and point system. Email on asking and answering Questions.
This is a free Question and Answer Component. We are continuously improving the product based on user suggestions. We also have a forum where you can come and give suggestions or complain about any issues. Check the demo you will definitely like it, than you can download and use it in your site. Above all it is completely free component. Questions and Answers can be shared using social icons. This extension supports gravatar. Users can create their avatar through gravatar dot com.
Note:- Before making it live, Kindly set the permissions for guests as well as users and also save the configuration settings under options on the top right of the component page.
For a demo of upcoming versions you can check this link

For demo of Joomla 3 versions you can check this link

Features of this component are listed below :-

1. Full ACL support. Answer to a question can be viewed only if permitted. This can be easily integrated with payment system if you create a group and allow only that group to view answers.
2. Email notification for activities performed by the user.
3. Admin has lots of options at backend for designing and modifying parameters of the site. No source code hacking is required.
4. A user can be blocked or unblocked depending upon admin.
5. Powerful Points and Ranking system which can be modified at backend.
6. Advanced profile page at backend which speaks about the user activities.
7. Advanced tagging system and ability to search through tags.
8. Fully supports jomsocial. Like jomsocial avatar import and questions activities displaying under jomsocial activity stream.
9. Voting up and down a question.
10. If a question is marked as solved no more answering will be allowed.
11. Search integrated with Joomla.

New version changelog:
1. User Profile Page added.
2. Voting permission can be added so that only after achieving a particular level a user can vote.
3. Images can be added to questions and answers.
4. Now you can set a minimum required point for a user to ask a question. So a user with negative points cannot further ask questions.

Kindly note that this component is developed and tested by a single developer. Hope you understand my problem. So I request you help me and report any bugs found in the forum. This can be considered in its beta stage. There was recently a wrong package upload due to which Joomla 2.5 tags were not getting displayed. Kindly check this link for details . This issue is for those who updated recently to new version. The package has been corrected and reuploaded. I am trying my level best to provide a professional component and i need your patience and help. Thanks.