Quick Cache Cleaning

March 26th, 2013

QCC – Quick Cache Cleaning

Performs maintenance tasks (clear and purge expired cache, global check-in) within seconds!

QCC does the maintenance tasks within seconds with one click from everywhere in the backend. QCC is small, fast and uses the original functions of the responsible components!

You can choose between two different view types: Menu and Dropdown List. If you select the view Dropdown List, then you should use the position status for the module. If you select Menu, then you should publish the module on the position menu and QCC will create a new menu entry automatically.

Save your time, you need just one click for the maintenance tasks!


* Module performs maintenance tasks from everywhere in the backend within seconds
* Cleans and purges expired cache – cache cleaner for the backend
* Executes global check-in
* Module is small and fast, doesn’t need a big framework
* Uses the original functions of the responsible components
* Fast, clean code
* Languages: English and German


Joomla! 3.x –

Joomla! 2.5 –


The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support: