Quick FAQ

September 16th, 2013

Quick FAQThe easiest and most modern FAQ solution for Joomla. Now you can set up your site FAQ in minutes.

Quick FAQ is a easy to use FAQ manager for joomla. It helps you quickly create cool looking Frequently asked questions page on your website

Responsive Animation
Your FAQ is as interesting as the rest of your site. It actually makes your readers to read it.

Integrate in your Joomla Articles with the plugin
You can even show your FAQs in a Joomla Article you wish easily using the plugin that comes along.

Search Engine Friendly
Quick FAQ uses highly optimised XHTML and CSS code. It helps retain your site ranking while providing great functionality.

Optimised Mootools
Uses cached selectors and optimised Mootools, never would have a conflict with other libraries.

Easy and flexible Questions and Category Management
The questions are easily managed, and organised by categories. The configuration is simple to use yet effective on frontend.