October 24th, 2013

“Quick-XApp” or its big brother “XApp-Studio helps you to make compelling quality apps or simply a top notch mobile websites for your Joomla, offering you the maximum comfort and flexibility no one else could accomplish for Joomla (yet).

We didn´t win any awards or we also didn´t have 100 million downloads nor we claiming for features we don´t provide in real! No, all we want is providing a real free and serious mobile solution for Joomla & friends, on the long! No hidden strings or the usual tricks you know from the market! XApp-Studio is a full fledged web based IDE, developed with lots of love since over 4 years now and this project doesn´t know the words “finish” or “revenue” ! Its developed by ex game engine coders and we love to bring all the knowledge and neat things to mobile apps!

You can create an application in less than just 5 minutes (Not kidding ! this app is done in 3 minutes : All what’s needed is a logo, some splash screens and connecting app tabs to your Joomla content ! You can choose among various layouts, assets, themes and styles.

The facts
– creating of a native iPhone application. True native !
– creating of a hybrid iPhone & iPad applications (Which you can upload to the app store). Cordova project files are provided.
– creating of a hybrid Android smartphone & tablet application (Which you can upload to the app store). Cordova/PhoneGap project and APK files are provided.
– creating of a mobile web app (using redirection or as Joomla template )
– full control over your application’s behavior and look & feel by visual editors.
– open formats and standards, many ways to solve the same problem
– all platforms have support for each tablets
– all free except custom apps or extra man hours
– updated daily to reach elite quality (BBC,SoundCloud, Facebook app level)

Packages – Overview

– Joomla “component”
– Joomla “plug-in”
– Joomla “template”

Package Details

The Joomla – “Component” :

The purpose of the component is to enable Quick-XApp-Studio to connect with Joomla and download data like articles, JEvents content, etc… This is done by activating a regular XML-RPC server for your site. We recommend to create a Joomla user in your site and use the login details within Quick-XApp-Studio.

The Joomla – “Plug-in” :

After the installation you will find a new plug-in called “XAPP-BOT”. The plug-in can be used in 2 ways :
1. forward mobile devices to our server directly or
2. enable the Joomla template “qxapp” for mobile devices

The Joomla “Template”:

After the installation your will find a new template called “qxapp”. As mentioned before, the plug-in “XAPP-BOT” will use this template for mobile devices which have been specified within the plug-in parameters.

Supported Joomla Components :
– VirtueMart/K2/EeasyBlog
– Joomla sections,categories and articles.
– JEvents categories and events. JEvents-Location categories and locatio