QuickList Weblinks

September 16th, 2013

QuickList WeblinksDesigned to suit as many joomla sites as possible. NO programming required and as automated a process I could make it. I’ve made this to get its images automatically using FREE thumbnail services and then it uses local data from there on. The Thumbnail Services, effects and colors are now handled by the Module parameters.

This extension is a module to display a list of your weblinks in a module on your Joomla website. As long as the weblink is published and approved, it will display. The default is to list 2 but you can set as many as you like. It is intended to work out-of-the-box with minimal setup (like the rest of my extensions – lazy Joe).

If you don’t have pictures of the websites you link to, this module can generate these (by retrieving from a specified service and using a server-side cURL function – and then stores these to not keep downloading them) or you can create/upload the images yourself using Joomla Media Manager.

I’ve simplified the process so this version allows any “Administrator” or “Super User” (or Specified Joomla! Group(s)) to generate the thumbnails on-the-fly with just a click of a button. Did I mention this is all OpenSource and FREE?

For further documentation, questions, comments/suggestions, please visit my website and I’ll try to reply asap.

IMPORTANT: The FREE services are becoming stricter in their terms of use, please do not abuse their fair usage policies (average 100’000 free prints).