Quote Calculator

March 21st, 2013

Quote CalculatorWith the component you create an unlimited number of survey forms (representing your products or services) with custom questions and answers. After setting up a product you create a formula that will calculate the final quote value (price) completely based on questions answered. The final quote is then sent to the customer by email. You can of course create your email template for each product/service.

The component could be used by businesses who need to provide potential clients with an ad-hoc quotes. Or it could be used by diferent financial institutions to calculate financial metrics dynamically based on clients’ inputs such as morgage calculator, fees calculator etc.

Main features:

*Unlimited number of questions or answers for your surveys
*4 answer types supported – dropdown list, checkbox list, radio buttons or textboxes
*Link your product or service quote with joomla menu item
*Create your own custo formula by using answers as variables and mathematical symbols + – * / ()
*Store the customer details and their answers in your Joomla database.
*System sends automatic emails to the customers with the prices based on their selections
*Easily publish/Unpublish your products or received quotes
*System uses editable templates for the emails sent
*SEO friendly
*Standard Joomla user-friendly interface
*Easy to install, setup and uninstall
*ACL user permissions supported
*Captcha security to avoid spam
*MVC source code for easier modifications
* Use plugins to store the submitted data into other extensions such as RSForm or Virtuemart