Radius Search for ZOO

November 16th, 2013

Radius Search for ZOOGEO Radius Search for Zoo turns your Joomla Zoo App into an amazing googlemap mashup with this dynamic and powerful component. We all know how Zoo is a fantastic building block as the best content creation kit for Joomla. Now you can really give your users and clients the best in useful mapping thanks to

1. Easy installation and setup
2. Full Zoo integration
3. Simple to use interface
4. Unlimited maps
5. 100% Open-Source GNU/GPL
6. Customizable category icons
7. Powerful search and filter features
8. Template Management
9. Many more!

Geo Radius Search for Zoo allows you to develop customized maps featuring complex search and filter criteria of your Zoo content. Allow your users the possibility of searching on categories, elements or radius distance. The possibilities are enormous! And make sure your maps look great too with easy styling of markers and tool tip popups.

Fast. Amazing. Beautiful. Maps.

GEO Radius Search for Zoo extends the functionality of a Zoo based Joomla site by providing amazing searchable maps. The secret is the components ability to provide user defined maps from the front end based on a powerful search structure. Your Zoo elements become beautiful representations on a map of your definition making it easy for clients to find what they need.

Smart Radius Search:
Its simple. Users enter where they are and GEO Radius Search locates the closest items so users find what they need!

Powerful searching:
Allows users multiple search criteria enabling greater flexibility and better results!

Custom Icon Management:
No map will ever look the same! Make it easy for users to identify the information they need by providing custom icons instead of boring pins.

Dynamic User Interface:
Give your users more power to find what they need!

Result List Functionality:
Making it even easier to manipulate the result list of user searches. Sort by name, element, reverse, random.

Google API V3:
Faster, stronger Google Maps Api V3, helps make mobile mapp

New Features in 2.5.1:

1. New drag and drop ordering feature for Zoo categories, with subcategory indenting support
2. Supports Joomla! 3.2
3. Improved Usability for faster map creation Supports Joomla Auto Update feature
4. Improved units of measure support for yards and meters

GEO Radius Search 2.5 now has some great new features:
1. Multiple category select
2. Responsive design
3. Results pagination and multi-column layouts
4. Closest Location Map positioning
5. Toggle Mouse wheel control
6. Module publish and Subscribe, extremely flexible layout possibilities
7. Multiple API support
8. More…