November 15th, 2013

RAforms*** Changes RAforms 3.3.4 (2013-11-15) ***
– NEW: amount of filter columns are now freely configurable
– performance fixes
– small bugfixes

Joomla 2.5.4+
PHP 5.3+

Recommended for backend form creation
Firefox 15+
Also tested with Opera 12+, Google Chrome 16+ and IE9


Form Creator:

Drag and drop Interface for form elements
Edit / duplicate / hide and delete your elements
Place your elements accurately using a grid
Bunch your elements together using a rectangle selection box (as known as in windows explorer) to select various form elements an move them to a new place
All usual form field elements included (text, textarea, select, checkbox, radio)
Add custom text to your web form with Joomla’s TinyMCE implementation
Add CSS effects to your form elements (select, checkbox, radio)
Load your select box / radio button / checkbox values from your Joomla database
Preselect options as you need
Add required fiels -> Validate your users’ entries
Automatically log your users date of filling out the form / ip / userid
Restrict users to fill out form only once and redirect them to a desired location if they tried to do so
Filter your filled out text boxes and text areas for malicious code injections
Add a individual CSS class to your form elements if you need to
Add custom CSS styles to your form right in the backend form creator
You may alter everything you need to fit to your needs
Restrict access to your forms by adding Joomla’s well known ACLs

List View:

Drag and drop Interface for creating lists of entries
Sort your form fields for list view by drag and drop
Add filters to your lists -> Retrieve your data quickly
Predefine your desired initial sort order
Rename labels individually for your list view captions and filters
If your data is too long for list view, you may crop the data by your defined amount of chars
Restrict access to your lists by adding Joomla’s well known ACLs

Mail system:

Automatically sends a mail to a chosen Joomla group/s, if a form was filled out
Set everything you need (to, from, cc, bcc, subject, message body).
Optionally, mail may include the filled out form with all its data
Use replacement Variables for: date / user / form name / form data in subject and message body

Form view:

Displays your form
Optionally marks your required form fields with a red asterisk

List view:

Display all entries of your form in a handy list
Define filters for retrieving data quickly

Category / Categories view:

Display your forms by category

Extendable with plugins

Check for a list of official plugins


Component for managing / creating web forms


Implements jnbdz’s excellent rectangle selection library for Mootools