Ral Vector Map Locator

March 10th, 2013

Ral Vector Map Location is a free Joomla module which connect articles with map regions.
This example is for World Map which have six regions.
For each region you can select an article by filling the article id.

Other settings are:
1. Load jQuery. Click “Yes” option if you want to load jQuery script. If you know that you already have this script loaded on your website then choose “No” option.
2. Map width. Select the size of the map. You have some fixed sizes from where you can choose.
3. Map tooltip. Shows the position of the tooltip when you mouse over a region. Inside the tooltip is the region name.
4. Show regions lists. You can choose to show the regions as a list. This list will be connected with the map. When you will click on a region name , the map will be highlighted on that region.
5. Article Details on Hover. You can select to show the details for each region when you mouse over that region.
6. Loading text. You can change the text which appear until the map is shown.
7. Show addresses list. Select here the position of the addresses or information list (article content) related to the map.
8. Show bullets. You can force the list to not show the bullets in front of it.
9. Addresses scroll. The addresses or information will be show on entire page, as long as it is and will not be using the Addresses Height and Addresses width options. Is recommended to be use with bottom position for addresses list.

This module displays a map with selected addresses list using script from: and is not the official module (is not created by the map script owner).

UPDATE 2013-03-09 The World Map is now responsive.