RD-Autos Single Dealer

September 26th, 2013

– Managing (unlimited) vehicle makes.
– Managing unlimited models (related to a make)
– Import makes and models (CSV)
– We offer you a makes and models package also
– Featured cars/vehicles on top of list.
– Uploading images.(UNLIMITED)
– Resizing images. (GD2 required)
– Hitcounter per car!
– Special prices to logged in users.
– Edit and Add/Apply vehicles
– Managing 1 PDF file per vehicle. (Need to create it your self)
– Lightbox images in your own format
– Multi Language Component
– Send to friend Function
– Enquiry Function to dealer
– Category Pages with description
– Lots of Configuration
– SEF Url’s based on Joomla Route System
– VIN & Stock Numbers in Front and Backend
– Human Tests Before submitting Enquiry or Send To Friend
– Advanced search pages with clean results.
– Makes and model Import System
– APK & Bovag and NAP Guarantee for dutch users.
– All Emails Are sent in HTML formats, can be changed by admin
– Several Prices and formats available
– Improved Search in backend
– Ordering vehicles like you want as set in the backend.
– Full Inventory Pages (All vehicles in one page)
– Metakeys & Description to vehicles
– Configurable dropdown menu’s at category page.
– YouTube Support in Lightbox (Joomla 1.7 versions)
– PDF Crowed Support for online PDF Creating
– ACL Levels added in management/administration
– Native Captcha (no plugins required)
– Unlimited Vehicle Options by Checkboxes and manager
– Sold Vehicle Categories
– Vehicles can be posted in several categories at once.

Also available in PRO version to serve dealers on your website! Checkout our website for information.

Till 01-02-2013 you get the 147 makes and 1688 models database for free when you buy Single Dealer!