read less text

April 6th, 2013

read less text— The last supported version for Joomla 1.x is v3.5 —

‘read less text’ will control the article text: it is a read more alternative, much more powerful while respecting existing settings.
• configure the automatic insertion of read more links (respect existing read more, or override),
• configure precisely the length of your intro text: in number of characters, words, sentences or phrases,
• customize the read more links to your liking,
• easily retain and adjust formatting of the shortened text,
• automatically create a linked image in the intro text,
• enforce login to read the whole article (block guests).
• Works on all output of all components; not just com_content.
• Fully supports multi-byte languages.

All this precisely on those pages you want. This plugin will ensure similar formatting on your site, even when different authors use different styles.

• For very site-specific configurations, you can use ‘contexts’ to precisely define when the plugin may be active: for which combination of components, views and articles. For a best understanding, it is advised to read the help text on the left side of the configuration page, and to use the Discover mode, which is a great aid for both setting up this plugin and checking its working.

Release 5.1b:
• Regression: thumbnail cache was incorrectly checked and therefore always considered invalid, causing a performance drop. Fixed. _Huge_ kudos to gabs087!
• Small performance optimization for J2.5.5+
Release 5.1:
• Fixed a warning when CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION was set while safe_mode or open_basedir was set.
• Word count was not always available. Fixed.
• Removing all tags could sometimes eat an extra space. Fixed (bis).
• Now respecting the option show_intro from com_content: if set, the full text is not considered when shortening.
• The suffix is split in two: an inline version glued to the last part, before closing all tags; and a post-version, after all is closed.
• Added a wrapper tag with class options, encapsulating each shortened article, allowing for further formatting.
• More flexibility regarding what to do within component or module scopes.

Release 5.0c:
• Regression: image ratio was not kept while generating thumbnails. Fixed.