Read More Compact

August 8th, 2011

Read More CompactThis great little plugin will clean up your home/blog pages and make things look slick and professional. It places the article’s date, section link and category link INSIDE your first paragraph, and a customizable Read More link INLINE at the end of article previews. It keeps things very tight and compact, so you’re not wasting space. Take a look at the homepage of to see how good your articles can look!


This plugin will ONLY work correctly if the intro text for each of your articles is surrounded by a single paragraph tag. If your Joomla text editor inserts or tags instead of paragraphs, or if you use more than one paragraph in your intro text, this plugin may not work for you.


* Displays an article’s Date, Section link, Category link, and Read More link
* Each element can be switched off so it is not displayed
* Date format is adjustable to any format you can dream up
* CSS styles are included with the plugin params, so styling the date and each individual link is easy
* Can be disabled for any category