Recruitment Manager

February 16th, 2013

Recruitment Agency Manager (RAM) allows a Recruitment Agency to advertise jobs/vacancies, accept client/candidate registrations, CV/Resume submissions, job/vacancy applications, etc. Clients/employers can also submit and manage vacancies, track applications, interviews, etc. via the web site frontend. Partners can refer clients and candidates to the agency.

Has the facility to allow charging for job submissions by clients and job applications by candidates. Use in combination with the new RAM Paid Content Module which allows users to purchase job submission / application credits in advance. Charging for job submissions / applications is enabled/disabled by new global parameters.

Supports custom fields for candidates, clients and partners. Supports CSV import of client, job/vacancy, candidate/job seeker and partner data.

A full set of UK Areas (countries and counties), US and Australian states, South African Provinces, New Zealand States and Districts, Indian States and World Regions and Countries is included and can be installed in seconds. A set of example sectors and rate bands is also included and can also be installed in seconds.

The backend admin system allows the administrator to manage clients, jobs/vacancies, candidates, applications, interviews, areas/locations, sectors, roles, partners, custom fields and rate bands. The look and feel of the component can be managed via the CSS Admin page. There is also a facility to export CSV files of client, candidate, partners and jobs/vacancies. (And a monthly MI report can also be produced.)

Frontend language files exist for English, French, German, Dutch and Portugese. Backend language files are also available.