Resize Image on the Fly and Cache

October 19th, 2013

Resize Image on the Fly and CacheThis Joomla! extension resizes and adjusts on the fly all the images related to an article (in the Text, Intro Image and Full Article Image) following for each image type a set of options written in the plug-in settings page.

After creation, the new image is saved in a special cache folder so that it can be reused for next page loads. The image in the cache folder is valid until new resize parameters are defined.

The benefits of this plug-in are:
– you do not need to worry about the size of the original image during the upload of the same: this will be resized later according to graphics needs;
– you can change image sizes in all already published article simply by changing the parameters within the plug-in options: so there’s no problem you want to change the width or height of an already published images (eg. if you increase the width of the article container you might increase the width of all images fitting 100% the article width area);
– it is possible to use crop function (resize and cut the original image in a new one with a different aspect ratio).