Responsive Background Slideshow

November 14th, 2013

Responsive Background SlideshowThe eXtro Responsive Background Slideshow Extended (aka E.R.B.S.E.) is a universally CSS3 based background slideshow. Due to that no JavaScript is needed, you can save ressources in data transfer as well as in the users frontend.

The eXtro Background Slider is available in these languages:

– English
– German
– Czech
– Spanish
– Chinese simplified & traditional
– Greek
– Serbian (Latin & Cyrillic)
– Dutch
– Polish
– Portuguese (pt-BR)
– French
– Croatian
– Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)
– Romanian
– Bosnian
– Italian
– Hungarian
– Swedish

The Responsive Background Slideshow comes with different animation effects, the duration of each slide can be defined as well as zoom and tilt of the slide picture. Additionally, a caption can be created per slide which can be faded by various animation styles. The captions font type, size and color can be defined as well.

Best results can be achieved by using a template which allows to completely fade out the main content, or if you use a template with partially transparent background. The eXtro Responsive Background Slideshow can be published in any
module position, but for best results, we recommend using a position with low HTML nesting to reduce unwanted side effects.

*** NEW in V1.1.0 – V1.4.0 ***
– New feature : animation duration of 0 produces a freeze frame
– corrected an issue with leading / when using the media manager to enter your images
– better overrides for IE
– some smaller bugs have been corrected
– New feature : pattern image can now be selected in backend
– It’s also possible now not to use a pattern image
– some typos have been corrected
– New feature : added a module class suffix, add your own class to the module
– optimized fade-out animations, especially when using only 2 or 3 images in the slideshow.
– It’s now also possible to set the sliding color (background color during fading effects), this allows better and easier adjustment to your templates’ theme.

*** NEW in V1.5.0 – V1.5.12 ***
– corrected a bug which occurred in certain templates when using the combination Win7 and Chrome
– corrected the language file issue, en-GB should now display correctly
– fixed a issue with z-index
– added czech, spanish, chinese (simplified), greek, serbian (cyrillic and latin), dutch, polish, portuguese, french, croatian, persian/farsi, chinese traditional, romanian, bosnian, hungarian and italian language files.

*** NEW IN V1.6.1 ***
This Update brings the following changes:

– NEW: you can now use up to 50 items
– added swedish language files.
– corrected spanish language files