eXtro CSS3 Slideshow

December 5th, 2013

eXtro CSS3 SlideshowResponsive CSS3 Slideshow – a responsive slideshow, based completely on CSS3 –
includes a unique parallax effect!

The eXtro Responsive CSS3 slideshow has a parallax background effect and is built
completely in CSS3, so there is no need to additionally load javascript files
which saves requests and loading time. The parallax effect moves the background
on viewing the next or previous image, which creates a unique impression. The
images for the parallax effect can be defined in the backend, ie you can define
you individual effect. Speed of the parallax effect and background color can be
defined as well as the single slides. Of course, this module is fully
responsive, ie it will be displayed optimally on every output device, provided
your template is also responsive.

added until V1.0.5
– added greek, french, polish, chinese traditional and italian translations

***NEW VERSION 1.0.7***
This maintenance release adds bosnian language files