Responsive eXtro jQuery Accordion

December 3rd, 2013

Responsive eXtro jQuery Accordion – responsive accordion module. Takes your articles and creates an accordion view with one single click.

Language files included:
– english
– german
– italian
– greek
– dutch
– polish
– chinese traditional
– bosnian

The eXtro Responsive accordion module creates a accordion view from the joomla articles within a category. Just select the category and the module does the rest. The frontend output is completely responsive, provided your template is also responsive, the accordion will be displayed optimally on every output device. In the backend, you have options to adjust the module to your needs, like setting the open effect, or whether the accordion should allow multiple open. The design of the module can be changed via CSS, the output has been separated from the design, which allows to style the module with a minimum of time.

NEW in 1.1.0 to 1.3.4
Content plugin support – if you use tags from content plugins in your articles, then this module will render them correctly.
Added language support to the accdordion module – articles will only be displayed if they match the frontend users’ language selection, or if the language of the article is set to ‘all’
– Resolves a small issue when adding the module to an article via the loadmodule plugin.
– added greek and polish language translations
-switched to jQuery 1.8.3 and added dutch and chinese traditional language files.

** New Version V 1.3.7 **
This maintenance release adds bosnian language support.