Responsive eXtro Lightbox

November 21st, 2013

Responsive eXtro LightboxThe Responsive eXtro Lightbox (REL) consists of a module and a plugin. Both versions have their own advantages:

The module automatically creates thumbnail images of the images to display, all you have to do is to define the folder that contains your images.
It can be published at any module position, or directly in an article by using the loadmodule plugin.
The lightbox creates a so called roadtrip, ie all images are linked togehter and can be switched by clicking the left/right buttons.

The plugin version of the Responsive eXtro Lightbox (REL) allows to display thumbnails with lightbox function anywhere on your site. However, the plugin doesn’t automatically create thumbnails, thumbnail and full image must be defined separately in order to display correctly.
Like the module, the plugin can also create a roadtrip of the images displayed in which the images are linked together and can be switched by clicking next/previous.
The plugin allows the admin to use optimized tumbnails, or custom thumbnails which display completely different content as the full image, or even just a normal link.

Module as well as the plugin are completely built in responsive design. This allows the lightbox to display optimally on small screens (smartphones) as well as up to large desktop displays.

The lightbox script is very lightweight, but still offers a lot of functionality (see the documentation). It has been built in new modern flat design.

New in V2.1.1 – 2.2.4
– added italian language files
– added greek language files
– resolved a minor bug
– corrects the greek language files
– corrects some CSS style in module and plugin for nicer display
– corrects a issue in the plugin when using spaces between each parameter
– added polish, bosnian and chinese language files

NEW: V2.2.5
– this is a maintenance release, it adds french language files