Responsive Facebook Comments

August 15th, 2013

Responsive Facebook CommentsResponsive Facebook Comments is available in 2 different versions. A Content Plugin and a System Plugin. The Content Plugin can appear automatically at the bottom of the Joomla Article when enabled and the System Plugin has a syntax that can be added any where inside any module or component so that the facebook comment box can appear at the particular place where the syntax is defined.


★ Fully Responsive Facebook Comment Box
★ Styling Options like Padding and Margin are set.
★ Moderation Using Facebook APP ID or Username
★ Multiple users can moderate.
★ Option to exclude Joomla categories where you don’t wish the plugin to appear.
★ Option to exclude from featured/blog layout.
★ Exclude individual joomla articles where you don’t want the plugin to appear.


★ Comment Box Type : Fixed and Responsive. If you want the comment box to be fixed choose type to fixed and mention the value in pixels without px, like 500 (no px) and if you want to make it responsive, then choose Responsive and mention 100 (this is 100% and responsive).
★ Width : Can be mention in pixels or pecentage without px or % . Just have to mention numeric values.
★ Number of Post : Define the maximum number of post/comments that can appear in a page. Ex : 10


Padding Left, right, top, bottom and Margin left, right, top, bottom for the facebook comment plugin can be mentioned. To fit or adjust inside the article.


★ Moderation of comments can be done using APP ID or Username. Single APP ID can be mentioned whereas mutiple usernames separated by enter can be added to manage the comments.


★ Exclude Categories : Exclude the Joomla category/categories where you don’t want the plugin to appear.
★ Exclude Featured and Blog : Select if you don’t want the plugni to appear in blog and featured posts.
★ Exclude Articles : Mention the Article ID in a new line where you don’t want the plugin to appear

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