Responsive HTML5 mp3 player

April 21st, 2013

Responsive HTML5 mp3 playerResponsive HTML5 MP3 player a very simple and minimal MP3 player for Joomla websites . You can use it on on any kind of responsive Joomla templates and it will d the job for you . It auto adjusts the width according to the viewport of your device . Very very handy , if you are looking for a simple and single mp3 to play on your website and nothing fancy . As said, this is a simple and minimal player,so it doesn’t support playlists. All you need to do is simply upload your mp3 file to your server and convert the same mp3 to ogg format too . Ogg format file is required for browsers like Firefox and opera . If you don’t upload the ogg file , it won’t play on Firefox . So, it’s mandatory .
Compatible with all the Joomla versions and all the modern browsers .

This doesnt support playlist.
This doesnt support auto play.
Ogg file is mandatory, or the player wont work on most of the modern browsers.