Responsive Top Bottom Panel Slider

October 31st, 2013

Responsive Top Bottom Panel SliderResponsive Top Bottom Panel Slider is a System Plugin for Joomla that empowers you to load any module on a sliding panel. Want to show one or module containing login, notice or any other module of your choice in a compact fashion, easy accessible for your visitors? Being responsive this slider is ready for your smart devices also. We have added tons of features so that you have great flexibility to take advantage and fulfil your site’s requirements.

Awesome Features

* Basic Features as a System Plugin

– Enable Disable for specific menu or all
– Exclude or Include option for Menu filter
– Enable/Disable for Mobile Device
– Disable on Popup
– Disable from Ajax
– Disable from RSS
– Disable if Site is offline
– Show/Hide for Home Page
– Load JS library (Yes/No). If you load any js lirbary from template or other extension you can set ‘no’ to avoid multiple load of js library.
– Natively support both jquery and mootools.

* Panel Setting

– Enable/Disable
– Panel Width control (in px or in %)
– Panel Height(% of Window height)
– No of Columns, in each col module will be loaded as selected order
– Normal or Responsive design of Panel
– Rounder Corner, radius value (Where possible)
– Gradient Background Yes/No
– Normal or background gradient color choose option.
– Load module by module position name. Select multiple modules.
– Load module by module id. Select multiple module.

* Panel Button Setting

– Custom label
– Text color
– ext Shadow yes/No. Text shadow color
– and more 12 options !

Watch Live Demo: