Responsive Yahoo Style News Slider

October 27th, 2013

Responsive Yahoo Style News SliderA Stylish & Friendly to Use Featured Article Slider that Allows Full Customization

A slider that feature specific articles to show as News Slider. It adjusts fully according to available module space and ideal to display latest articles as news, just as it does in Yahoo Home page. Comes with full customization option from admin panel so that you may control thumbnail size, no of thumbnails to display, speed of transition, Pagination, Overlay etc.

See in action:


* Fully Customizable News Slider as seen on Yahoo home page

* Easily Select the Articles to Feature in the Slider

* Fully Dynamic

* Responsive and Smart Device Ready

* Uses Advanced Caching


* Custom Color for Background and Text Title

* Control for Content Font Size

* Control for Thumbnail Image Width and Height

* Turn On/Off Thumbnails


* Turn On/Off Overlay Content Box, Content Title

* Builtin Two Speed: Normal and Slow

* Input for Slideshow Interval and Delay

* Turn On/Off Continuous Pagination


* Basic Options

* Image Height (in Px)

* Article From

* Content Type

* Content Opacity

* Content Background Color

* Content Font Size (in px)

> Article From Category

* Select Categories from List

* Order Articles By

* Number of Articles

> Article From Category

* Single Article Selection

* 20 Article Selection Option

> Thumb Settings

* Title Under thumb

* Thumb Width

* Thumb Height

> Slide Show Settings

* Header Ttile Of Slideshow

* Header Sub Ttile Of Slideshow

* Overlay Content Box

* Show Content Title

* Show Content Description

> Speed

* Slide Show Interval

* Slide Show Delay

* Continuous Paging

* Selector For Content Title

* Selector For Content Subtitle

* Selector For Story Description

> Advanced Options

* Module Class Suffix

* Caching

* Cache Time