December 26th, 2013

ResponsivizerRESPONSIVIZER FOR JOOMLA! GO MOBILE NOW! Available now new version 2.0!

Responsivizer is a full solution to make mobile responsive your Joomla! site in few easy steps.
Responsivizer is most cheapest, complete and easy solution to render your site responsive from now!

Make your Joomla site displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and mobile devices. Responsivizer is also the most powerful way to speed up your site performance on mobile devices.
NEW! Now it supports fluid responsive VIDEO from every source like Youtube, Vimeo, Flash based or native HTML5!

Responsivizer is trusted by thousands Joomla! users that love it as it provides a far superior control to the standard Joomla mobile features. You can reach top level control on mobile settings and BUILD A MOBILE VERSION OF YOUR SITE WITHOUT ADDITIONAL DOMAINS OR RESOURCES! ALL IS MANAGED INSIDE YOUR JOOMLA! INSTALLATION.

Responsivizer is:
-Responsive mobile view template:
Responsivizer view template is the future concept of the web: a single design for all devices : mobiles, laptop, desktop … This lets your site automatically adjust with devices screen resolution.

-Fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant:
Better for users and search engines, you are ready for future of web. CSS3 features let you have more performance, avoiding heavy sprites and images, that on slow bandwidth devices can take a lot of time to load.

-Responsive Video ready:
Embed your video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc, using flash or native HTML5 and Responsivizer will do the rest. It automatically detects video on your page and fits fluid dimensions exactly to device screen size.

-Fully customizable:
Responsivizer view template is fully customizable. You can serve templating to all mobile devices, but also for desktop users, making it your unique Joomla view in use, in the true spirit of responsive design.

Responsivizer is a package extension, in that Responsivizer is made by a component to manage all through unique and user friendly control panel, a responsive view template to show on all mobile devices with responsive multi level menu integrated, a plugin that detects mobile devices and switch to Responsivize view, and finally a module to render a beautiful yet powerful responsive slideshow with images that resize to fit display screen automatically and supports touch.

Product features:

-Fully customizable: you can customize Responsivizer to suit your needs without being a programmer, using a single user friendly control panel.
-Device detection: install Responsivizer and let it do the work for you. It will detect mobile devices and it will choose the right template when needed.
-Touch enabled: Responsivizer offers to mobile users touch capabilities like swipe, accordion, and many more.
-Advanced slideshow: configure powerful touch enabled slideshow.
-Social network ready.

This extension is available for ALL JOOMLA VERSIONS: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x family.