Roll across platforms and race across screens with two new Chrome Experiments

May 28th, 2013

We spend huge chunks of our lives on our phones and tablets. And since life shouldn’t be all work and no play, we’ve created two new Chrome ExperimentsRoll It and Racer—that let you play with other people using phones, tablets, and computers running Chrome.

Roll It brings a classic boardwalk game to your browser using your phone and a desktop or laptop computer. Chrome on the phone lets you aim and roll the ball with a flick of your wrist, while Chrome on the computer renders the 3D graphics of the Roll It alley.

With Racer, you can build slot-car-style race tracks which align across up to five mobile screens. Touch your screen, and your car speeds across all the phones and tablets, not just your own. This shows a hint of what’s possible when web experiences are designed for a multi-player (and multi-device) world.

Both experiments use the latest in web technologies and keep themselves synchronized using WebSockets, which allows data to be sent between multiple devices and servers at any time. Developers interested in learning more should stay tuned to the Chromium blog for documentation on how we made both games.

Have fun, and experiment on!

Posted by Iain Tait, Creative Director and Speed Demon