Royal Gallery Slide Show for VirtueMart

May 1st, 2013

A fantastic gallery for virtuemart products. It shows unlimited products with scroll bar. Please see its features below.

1. Show unlimited number of images
2. Full Screen
3. Play / pause and customize the auto slider time interval
4. Customizable transition time
5. Five types of transition effects
* Squares
* Vertical Bars Sequence
* alpha transition
* MultiLines
* Horizontal bars
* Squares Tiles
* Circle Riples
6. Customizable pre-loader color
7. Customizable thumb rows
8. Customizable background color for gallery
9. Customizable thumb color
10. Customizable scrollbar color
11. Enable/disable short description
12. Show only featured products
13. Start/Stop auto slider by default (New in V 3.6)