Mega Responsive Image Slideshow

July 22nd, 2013

Mega Responsive Image SlideshowThe Only RESPONSIVE IMAGE SLIDESHOW and you get 4 Module Modes in one Package : Manual Mode, Article Mode, Drag Drop AJAX Upload Mode, Folder Mode. Comes with 30 inbuilt themes and 30 Animation Styles. Supports Caption/Label as well.


Why you should use it ?

Its the best Joomla Image Slideshow module to make your website look elegant and nice. Perfect addon for corporate websites, blog websites, news websites, magazine websites, sports, travel and finance websites, etc. This module is for you!
This supports 4 modes :

Manual Mode : You can define the images, labels and URLs for the slides manually.

Folder Mode : You just need to define the folder path and the slideshow will automatically pull images from that folder. This mode doesn’t support URL and Labels.

Article Mode : You can simply select any category and the module will automatically pull the articles from that category, article image, article title and article intro text and show it on the slideshow.

Drag Drop AJAX Upload Mode : This is the most advanced mode, where you can drag and drop your images right from the Module Parameters screen and then define the Description, Label Title and slide destination URL as well. [ Joomla 3.0 not supported yet for this mode. ]

▶ DEMO :


✔ Now compatible with iPhone and iPad
✔ Now supports multiple instance
✔ Drag & Drop AJAX Image Upload
✔ Inbuilt Animations
✔ Comes with 4 Module Modes
✔ Compatible with all the 3rd party templates
✔ Multi Instance Slideshow Support
✔ In built 30 Themes and 30 Animation Styles
✔ Pull Images automatically from a folder
✔ Touch Enabled for iOS Browsers
✔ Auto Start Slideshow ON/OFF
✔ Progress Bar ON/OFF
✔ Shadow Support
✔ Play/Pause Button
✔ Unlimited Images
✔ Ability to link the images
✔ Ability to Show thumbs or captions
✔ 5 pre-defined awesome fonts to select for captions
✔ Switch ON/OFF Captions
✔ Switch ON/OFF Navigation
✔ Switch ON/OFF Thumbnails
✔ Ability to show caption to the slideshow images
✔ Compatible with all the modern browsers
✔ Comes with clear documentation
✔ Article Support and auto Image Pull from the Selected Categories contents
✔ Compatible with Joomla 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x ,2.5.x, 3.0.x


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