RPC – Responsive Portfolio

December 7th, 2013

RPC - Responsive PortfolioWelcome to the very best Portfolio eXtension for Joomla! : RPC – Responsive Portfolio.

This portfolio uses a effective, uncomplicated and rapid portfolio creation process, allows you to set any number of main filters and related tags. The frontend offers cool effects, multifiltering, sorting, grid- and listview, additional information about each item and much more, which makes this extension more than a simple portfolio component.

Overview of main features:

– Works on all types of devices like desktops, tablets (Android and ios/ipad based) and smartphones (Android and ios/iphone based), due to its responsive nature, the portfolio adapts to the respective device and always displays in a optimal way.

– has been tested on a variety of browsers, like Firefox (Mozilla), Chrome (Webkit), IE, and Android and ios devices. All latest versions have been tested and proven to work.

– supports images, html, videos, joomla articles, K2 articles (if K2 is installed), VM2 products (if VM2 is installed, Joomla 2.5 only at present due to VM2 limitations)

– unlimited main filters can be created, however, we recommend using not too many main filters to retain clarity.

– unlimited Portfolios and related Portfolio elements can be created, multiple portfolios per page is no problem. The sky’s the limit!

– Portfolio elements feature drag’n’drop ordering, mass activate/deactivate, copy and delete. Sorting, search and filtering is also implemented.

– set responsive options and meta data

– In the frontend, the Portfolio can use a variety of visual effects like fade, rotate, scale, blur, snap, etc.

– each portfolio item uses a fantastic overlay animation upon hovering, which can be defined in the backend, choose from a bunch of effects.

– Display your Portfolio as grid view or list view, this can be switched in the frontend, also shuffle and sorting/multifiltering

– Display your portfolio either normally via a menu item, or via the built-in RPC plugin which allows you to display your portfolio anywhere in your content. The respective shortcode can be copied directly from the portfolio list in the

– creates a directly callable link, i.e. filter the portfolio, copy the dynamically created link from your browsers address line and e.g. send it via email. When you enter this link into your browser, the portfolio will automatically filter itself for the respective options.

plus many more features which make the eXtro RPC – Responsive Portfolio truly the best Portfolio for Joomla. Please see the manual for more information, and check out our portfolio demo on our demo site.

*** NEW Version 1.1.0 ! ***

The RPC Portfolio just got even better!

NEW: select your own custom hovering color in the backend
NEW: use article preview also in the element overlay
NEW: nicer icons for front- and backend
NEW: localization for spanish language

plus many more new and improved features!