RPX SignIn

March 4th, 2013

This module will help your users to login to the site using the popular social networking or email account.

This module uses Janrain (formerly RPX) and Janrain (formerly RPX) helps users sign-in to your website using an account they already have at:

* Yahoo!
* Facebook
* Twitter
* LinkedIn
* Google
* MySpace
* Windows Live
* PayPal
* Hyves
* Verisign
* MyOpenID
* OpenID
* Flickr
* Blogger
* Livejournal
* WordPress
* Netlog

So your users can bypass the extensive process of joining the site and can use their existing accounts into your site, and you can see username, email into your User manager through joomla admin.

Joomla admins will receive the email notifying user has sign-up using the RPX mod. So admin can track how many users used this mod on your site to register.

* Supports Community Builder (CB) and Jomsocial profiles, so now new user register via this mod will be added to your Community Builder (CB) and Jomsocial components as well.
* Imports user photo from the login provider site, if available, and adds as avatar to Community Builder (CB) or Jomsocial, if any of these two installed on your site.


* Asking for login email for the providers like Twitter, LinkedIn who does not return any email id