April 5th, 2013

RSComments!With RSComments! you can add commenting to articles, blogs and other Joomla! extensions on your website.

RSComments! has built-in captcha and antispam protection.

RSComments! allows you to:

* Add commenting to any article using the Commenting button from your editor
* Reply to other comments
* Open/close thread
* Verify comments using Akismet
* Accept avatars from Gravatar, CB, JomSocial, Kunena and FireBoard
* Choose from custom themes to display the comments
* Set RSS on comments
* Censor words that you don’t wish to show in comments
* Attach files to comments
* Import comments from other Joomla! commenting systems
* Choose dark/light theme for the comments

Please check the changelog for the whole list of added features:–general-overview-of-the-component/393-changelog.html

Use it on Joomla! 1.5 or 2.5.