November 7th, 2013

RSFirewall!RSFirewall! is the most advanced Joomla! security service that you can use to protect your Joomla! website from intrusions and hacker attacks.

RSFirewall! is backed up by a team of experts that are trained to be always up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities, security updates making RSFirewall! the best choice in keeping your website safe.

* Joomla! 3.x / 2.5 / 1.5 Native
* Offers a powerful protection service
* Your website will be always protected against the newest threats
* The Active scanner will track and block any intrusion attempt such as SQL injection
* You won’t have to worry about security leaks once you set the website in Lock-down mode
* Don’t worry about 3rd Party extensions vulnerability. RSFirewall! protects all your Joomla! website
* Allows you to scan and fix vulnerabilities (no expert knowledge needed).
* Actively scans Joomla! sensitive file and denies hacker attempts to change them.
* Filters any request, such as POST, GET, etc. and blocks SQL injection attempts
* Notifies you by e-mail or even by SMS when a certain level of Alert is generated
* Always keeps you informed about the latest security updates
* Sets the Joomla! Installation into Lockdown mode making it impossible for anyone to access your website’s protected areas
* Denies administrator take-overs
* Captcha after unsuccessful admin login attempts
* Country IP blocking