RSform Pro

July 26th, 2013

RSform ProJoomla! 3.x ready!

RSForm!Pro comes with hot new features like:
* Responsive layout
* Ajax validation for fields
* Mailchimp Integration
* The only Joomla! form manager 100% built with Joomla! MVC architecture
* Easy multi-page form creation
* Drag and Drop order change for form items
* Salesforce integration with custom fields
* Custom submissions (you can display and export what columns you wish)
* Export to excel
* Custom CSS and Javascript in your form

Please check the changelog for the whole list of added features:

With RSForm!Pro you can create Joomla! contact forms within minutes. In fact, anyone who tried it noticed how easy it is to create forms in Joomla!

The RSForm!Pro Joomla! form creator has all the form fields that you need when building custom forms for Joomla!. The RSForm!Pro back-end uses AJAX for quickly managing fields and submissions.

RSForm!Pro is the ideal tool for non-programmers and programmers alike. It has built-in form layouts that you can use without any HTML or PHP knowledge.

Notifications can be sent by e-mail to administrators and to users, and each notification can be highly customized. The form submissions can be exported in CSV format for 3rd Party use, or directly saved into external databases using the Mappings plugin.

No more custom SEF extensions nightmare. RSform!Pro works with all of them. We have a built-in router for the Joomla! core SEF, sh404SEF and Artio JoomSEF plugins freely available.

What you will be able to download, along with RSForm!Pro:
1) Modules
– RSForm!Pro List Submissions Module: lists all form submissions and any submission related information in a template position. Several parameters are available to increase flexibility.
– RSForm!Pro Form Module: allows you to publish a form inside a Joomla! template position
2) Plugins

– Joomla! Content Plugin: publish a form inside a Joomla! article
– Joomla! System Plugin: publish the form anywhere in your Joomla! template
– Mappings: map your form submissions to another table in your Joomla! database
– Migration: migrate your forms from RSForm! to RSForm!Pro
– Salesforce integration
– PayPal: add PayPal payments to your form!
– reCAPTCHA: fight spam with reCAPTCHA, the popular antispam system
– Google Analytics: add tracking codes to your form
– RSEvents! Plugin: create custom forms for RSEvents!
– RSMail! Plugin: create custom subscribing forms for RSMail!
– Import forms from bfForms plugin
3) 3rd Party Plugins
– Artio JoomSEF
– sh404SEF
4) Capability to have multilingual forms (default integration with Joomfish) + a collection of language files.

For spam prevention, you can use the anti-spam CAPTCHA field. You can choose between FreeType CAPTCHA (your server must support the FreeType library), no FreeType CAPTCHA and invisible CAPTCHA (form submitters won’t notice anything).