October 14th, 2013

RSTickets!ProRSTickets!Pro is built on Joomla! MVC
* Multilanguage support: translate department names, priority levels, statuses and custom fields without the need of JoomFish!
* Manage your customers’ issues through the frontend as well as the backend
* Create custom fields for each department – custom fields can have HTML attributes, can be set as mandatory and you can personalise the validation message.
* Two types of CAPTCHA: built-in CAPTCHA with refresh button, customizable number of characters, noise level and sensitivity; reCAPTCHA integration
* Assign staff members to one or more departments, using a set of predefined permissions based on each staff member’s attributes
* Staff members can have their own signatures
* By default there are three ticket priority levels: low, normal, high. You can add as many as you like.
* Sort tickets by date, last reply date, customer, priority or status
* Create tickets for your clients
* Clients can submit tickets without being registered
* Create custom searches to filter tickets based on your needs, and have the search show up everytime you login
* Automatically close redundant tickets and issue a notification to the submitter