S3Media Stream

August 11th, 2013

S3Media StreamDisplay and protect your video and audio with Private RTMP Streaming using S3 Amazon/CloudFront combined with JW player.

Private streaming gives double protection against unauthorized use.
HTML5 compatible! Play video and audio on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. Apart from private streaming, the extension has many ways to play rich media: Protect your progressive download video and audio from leeching(hotlinking) or simply display public media via CloudFront or other places.
The player also features: Closed Captions/Subtitles, HD switching, external playlists, Protected download links to any file type, display protected eLearning projects like Articulate, iSpring and Camtasia (not html5 compatible).

NEW: Dynamic private RTMP streaming playlists which you create inside the plugin using the Playlist wizard. This ensures that all items in your playlists are protected with signed URLs.

NEW: Improved default settings for the plugin.

Include watermark/logo in your video and audios, show poster images and brand your video player in a variety of ways.
Jump anywhere in the timeline of a streaming video or audio or create chapters from long videos without physically breaking it up.

We are an official reseller of JW player. This extension ships with the licensed version of JW player 5.11, you do not need to install it separately. Owners of a JW player license get a discount.
With the module, you can display video and audio wherever on the page. With the plugin, you can include audio and video directly into the article via an insert button at the bottom of the editor, or you can write shortcode directly in the article itself. Use default settings to minimize the workload.

The download link feature can be placed anywhere, whether in a module or an article, in between text, etc,… It generates an expiring URL so that the link cannot be used elsewhere. Very useful for PDFs, docs, rich media for download, any file residing on S3 amazon is supported!

Our experienced support team helps you out when you have problems configuring CloudFront! You get one-to-one support, online manuals and tutorials, a forum to interact with others, and we can give you advice on how to use S3 Amazon effectively.

This extension works with most membership systems and is excellent to create a video/audio portal or training/coaching series or portfolio sites.